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A New Yokai Tamer Update is coming your way with tons of benefits to be had!
① 100x Summon Level Rush! Level up and experience the thrill of summoning Mitamas!
② Get Rare Mitama-Ame No Habakiri the moment you log in and Divine Beast Mount the next day!
③ Get Themed Costumes and tons of CP on your 7th day log in!
④ Give your Mikos a brand new look with new Costumes!

“Yokai Tamer” is a super popular Japanese style MMOARPG mobile game that has a very competitive playing style and beautiful Japanese art style, with hundreds of popular Japanese voice actor and an original fantasy story, giving you a pleasant experience while playing the game. As the game has exciting gameplay, gorgeous art style and a strong team of voice actors, it received a very good rating from the players when the game was released in Japan. The game was set on a fantasy background, it was said in the legend that when the twilight falls, it is also the crossing point of Yin and Yang, the demons and Shikigamis have been released into the human world, so the Onmyojis that protect the land will repel the invading demons by controlling the spirits, protecting the peace of the world!

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[New Features]

—-Login into 100x Mitama Summon Fever—-
Join forces and collect adorable Mitama Cards on your journey and mix & match them to your for tactical advantage! You can make them even more powerful through Mitama Fusion & Upgrade System! Challenge the arduous Pagoda and save the damsel imprisoned within!

—-Brand New Update, Brand New Costumes—-
New costumes storm the stage! Your wardrobe, your call!

—-Purge All Evil With Strong Mikos—-
Join Zodiac Mikos on an epic exorcism journey in search of peace!

—-Immerse Yourself In A Wonderful Fantasy World—-
Venture into a fantasy, open world rich in story and lore. Will you save the world from its demise?

—-Join a Guild and fight with your guildmates side by side—-
You’ll find plenty of things to do! Watch fireworks, defeat bosses, and relax in the hot spring in a casual MMORPG!