Android – Monkey King: Arena of Heroes


Epic Oriental Mythology RPG Monkey King: Arena of Heroes is here! Join Monkey King and Tang Monk on an epic journey from ancient China to the West in search of sacred sutras!
Take part in intense 6v6 RPG card battles, collect hundreds of heroes, and build up your team on the way to the champion of four realms. Don’t miss out on the lifetime free daily 10x draws!

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Epic Interpretation of Journey to the West
Unveil the secrets of the four factions: Celestial, Holy, Underworld, and Demon. What is recorded in the fabled sacred sutras? And why must Tang Monk have to overcome 81 perils before he can obtain the sutras? Now, the Oriental Odyssey awaits your exploration and interpretation.

Hundreds of Heroes to Collect
How did Sun Wukong learn the 72 transformations? What’s behind Tang Monk’s 10 reincarnations? What was the tragic past of Lady White Bone? Want to learn more about the origin of all the heroes? Recruit them to your team and find out their secrets for yourself!

Free Hero Switch
Who says training different heroes must be tedious? Made a wrong choice earlier and has to start all over? In Monkey King: Arena of Heroes, growing a hero from scratch is unnecessary when you change a lineup. Use the quick hero switch feature to transfer exp, equipment, and resources among heroes instantly.

Lifetime Daily Free 10x Draws
Say goodbye to saving up for days just to perform a draw! Monkey King: Arena of Heroes offers free 10x draws every day forever! That’s 3,650 free draws per year! Getting heroes you like has never been easier!

Kick Back and Relax
Want to take a break after battles? Want to spend more time with your heroes? Then try out the fun Homeland feature! Decorate your home and play mini-games to win exciting prizes. In Monkey King: Arena of Heroes, you can always take a break and enjoy your time!